mandag 28. april 2014

1 The Newborn Workshops...

I love taking pictures of newborns. All the gorgeous little details, their adorable faces, tiny toes and fingers and the way they are at total peace just fascinates me every time. That is, when they are a sleep... When you look at pictures of sleeping newborns online, it only shows a fracture of the work that lies behind the shot, and that is also one of the reasons I love taking these pictures - it`s just so forfilling when you finally get that "perfect" shot, just because you worked so hard for it. Awake shots can also be great to have, but the calmness of a sleeping baby really is something special.

But even though some photographers make it look easy, it really isn`t, and that´s why I signed up for a newborn workshop in Stavanger this weekend. Maddy Rogers and Shellie Wall are two amazing photographers who really knows newborn photography, and I spent the day learning about preparations, sleep patterns, camera angles, tips for soothing the babies, posing and a whole lot more.

It was a beautiful and sunny Stavanger-day, and the old fabric we were at was a stunning location with gorgeous light coming in the windows. It had rustic flooring and white concrete walls, and was a perfect background in it self. I love natural light, and I really enjoyed taking pictures and getting a lot of photography-input for a whole day. Maddy and Shellie showed us several poses, and I took some pictures of the different settings they had arranged. We had three babies with their mums visiting us this day, and I must say that the mums we`re all pretty amazing too.

Maddy and Shellie are outgoing and fun, and did a great job explaining everything. It was a very laid-back and relaxing workshop, and there was some professional photographers and some hobby photographers like myself. I just loved the workshop, it was so inspirational and useful - I can abolutely recommend this to anyone with a interest in newborn photography. In addition to the workshop we received a wrap, headband and bow tie, and I was added to a workshop group on FB where I plan to continue to learn from these two talented ladies and fellow photographers.

Thank you so much Maddy and Shellie for the best day!

If you want to take a look at the Newborn Workshops, here are their Facebook page and web page:
The Newborn Workshops
TNW on Facebook


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